Make your tablet a smart photo frame

It's easy to take a picture, but enjoying all those photos and videos locked away in a computer or shoe box is really hard. Fireside makes it easy. It's like Pandora, but for your memories.

Make enjoying photos as easy as taking them.

Easy Sharing

Fireside does the hard work for you. It's smart, so it automatically shows you photos and videos you actually want to see. For example, if it's your son's birthday, Fireside shows some photos of his past birthdays. If it's your anniversary, Fireside will show you video from your wedding and honeymoon. Is it winter? Fireside can show you skiing and holiday photos. It's like looking at your photos through a whole new lens.

Google Photos or Dropbox

Replace the Digital Photo Frame

Decent tablets like the Amazon Fire are as little as $49. Add Fireside and a stand you have a 24/7 "SmartFrame" for $79

Connect any number of Google Photos and/or Dropbox accounts as photo and video sources

Auto Curation

Share your smart channels privately with those you care about most

Watch any of several auto-generated smart channels, including "Today's Top Picks", Recents, Flashback, and Random

Just take photos or videos like you normally would. Fireside intelligently indexes them shortly after they arrive in the cloud, and then continuously creates a series of smart, streaming, relevant, "channels" you can enjoy anywhere or share easily.

Works with Google Photos and Dropbox

"Any time we have friends over, or a babysitter or whatever they really comment on it and say how enjoyable it is to sit and see these typical days that we’ve had of the best memories."

"Since we got Fireside I feel more likely to take videos than I was before, because we get to see them"

What people are saying

"This is something we really look forward to watching. We love having it!"